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Accent Electric Teaches BTEC Construction Students

Industry professional’s come to help BTEC Construction Students get real life experience.

Accent Electric sent 4 Electricians to help Bollman’s Construction students wire and set up 5 electrical training cubicles. The Electrical Industry is in dire need of new generation of electricians joining the trade. “This is a great way to get the students interested and see what a day in the life of an electrician looks like” said Journeyman Electrician Keifer. The Electricians worked with the students for four days on how electrical systems are installed in the residential spectrum.

It is always fun watching the students start a new training and seeing the sparks fly as they think about what they can do in the future. A Huge thank you to Accent Electric for providing and donating supplies to  the Bollman Construction program and giving our students the knowledge of yet another great career.

Watch a short video here:FileAccent Commercial.mp4