St. Anthony North Hospital Welcomes BTEC CNA Students

Avamere Celebrates 5 Years as a Clinical Site !!

In the Fall of 2017 Medical Sciences II/CNA was able to add a third section of students to our program.  Students enrolled in this class were selected from a list of candidates who completed Medical Sciences I during the 2016-2017 academic year.  Students in this class were enrolled in the CNA program first semester and completed one semester of Pathophysiology as their Science-Integration credit.  This group of students participated in clinical rotation following the Thanksgiving Break in order to obtain the training hours required for certification by the Colorado Board of Nursing.  This is the first time in Bollman’s history that students completed their CNA training and participated in clinical rotation during first semester.  In the past students have completed their CNA training second semester and participated in clinical rotation during the month of April, following Spring Break. Congratulations to all 21 Medical Sciences students enrolled in this class!

We are extremely proud of the Bollman Medical Science II, CNA students who completing a successful 1st clinical rotation in a hospital setting in 10 years. Saint Anthony’s North graciously took 4 of our CNA students. Our students had the privilege to provide patient care on the Intensive Care Unit – ICU, Orthopedic Unit, Oncology Unit, Cardiac Unit, Neuro Unit & Medical Surgical Unit. Saint Anthony’s North staff, patients and patient families were impressed with our student’s quality of patient care skills. Students completed both three-hour and twelve-hour shifts at Saint Anthony’s earning a total of 45 clinical hour training over a two week period. We are so excited to be able to expand this clinical rotation to 20 students this next rotation. Thank you girls for being awesome students and providing respect and dignity to Saint Anthony’s North patients.
Read CNA student stories below:

Riley –

My clinical experience at St Anthony’s Health Campus was wonderful! I am very thankful that I was able to do it at the hospital because I got a more diverse experience with different aspects of the medical field. I was able to experience long term illness, recovery, and rehabilitation. I truly believe that this experience has strengthened my desire to peruse a career in the medical field. 


My experience at St. Anthony’s North was incredible, not only did I get a full hands on experience with actual patients I got to experience a day in the life of a CNA. The staff was very friendly and very willing to teach me how to do things while treating the patient with respect and dignity. I would love to thank St. Anthony’s for letting me share my amazing experience with them, I will always cherish it. 

The remaining 17 students in this Medical Sciences II, CNA class completed their clinical experience at Avamere Transitional Care and Rehabilitation Center Malley in Northglenn, Colorado. Avamere is a facility that has graciously accepted our students for the past five years.  This group of students completed both three-hour and eight-hour shifts completing over 36 hours of clinical experience required by the Board of Nursing. The Avemere staff, patients and patient families were also impressed with our student’s quality of patient care skills.


The staff at Avamere provided us with many opportunities to practice our skills and to become confident in our abilities to perform many of the skills and knowledge that is needed to work as a CNA. Many of the residents and staff were kind and understanding to our position as student nurse aides and did their best to help us in any way they were able. I am grateful for this wonderful experience at this facility.


Having the opportunity to go to Avamere as a part of my CNA class was an experience I will never forget. Being able to start off each day of school helping others and gaining experience/insight in healthcare, has helped me better myself now and for the future.


Over the last two weeks at Avamere I learned and explored new things. I learned how to not be selfish and that working as a team is important. By working as a team it not only helps the residents but it also helps the facility in many ways. During my two week learning experience I had made several friendships with the residents and I enjoyed making their day. I know how hard things can be for them so I did whatever I could to make them feel special. I also learned that being in the med field is a hard thing to do and not many people can do it. By being at Avamere I was able to overcome my fears and explore new things. From having this experience at Avamere I will continue to pursue my career in the medical field!