CPR Student Helps to Save a Life

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On September 30th 2017 I attended a CPR re-certification with Tommy Lombardo and Loretta O'Brien at Bollman Tech.  Being that I am a massage therapist, I assume I'll never actually need to use my training, but like to keep it anyways.  Later that day I was driving and came across what I thought was a car accident.  I thought I would offer to call someone if they needed help.  But as I got closer, I saw a man laying on the ground by his car and a few people surrounding him.  As I opened my door to ask if they needed help, I heard the woman, who was doing compressions, say, "I don't know what I'm doing!"  Immediately, I ran over and said, "I do, I just took my re cert this morning."  She moved and I stepped in.  I check him to see if he was responsive or breathing, which he wasn't.  I began compressions, asked someone if they called 911, they had and they put them on speaker.  The operator was on the phone with me until the paramedics arrived and took over.  After I gave my statement to the officer on site, I was getting ready to leave and she pulled me aside to thank me.  She had tears in her eyes, and told me that the man I gave CPR to was a retired police commander for Lakewood.  Later that night I got a call from the officer telling me that thanks to my efforts and the paramedics efforts, the man was conscious and she was able to talk to him before she left.  
Tiffany Jacobs