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Learning Services

Welcome to Learning Services at Bollman.  Our school has developed the reputation for being very inclusive for students with a wide variety of exceptionalities, including Gifted and Talented, Learning Disabled, Hearing Impaired, and Autism, among others.  Our staff works hard to insure that instruction is differentiated when necessary and that all students are challenged to be successful in achieving the course standards and maximizing their potential.  We provide all the special services that students can access at their home high schools, including implementation of IEPs, 504 Plans, and ALPs.  Our Student Learning Center is located on the first floor in the north building.  Please stop by and visit us, or call 720-972-5844 for more information.

Cyndie Andrews, Learning Specialist, 504 Coordinator, Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Sondra Shelbourn, Special Education Paraprofessional