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Medical Sciences I

Program Overview  Medical Science I ( O'Brien, Smith, Schankweiler, Figueroa ):

Student Material Requirements, 2017-2018

Items you must give to your teacher the first week of school:
One box of tissue
Three glue sticks

Items to carry to class with you every day:
Calculator (simple)
College ruled notebook paper
Black ink pens and any other colors you like
Pencils with erasers (mechanical ok)
Two Highlighters (2 different colors)
One Set of colored pencils
One Pair of scissors
One Ruler with both Metric and English measurements (12 inch)
Start the year with 200 3 x 5 index cards and add as needed; always carry about 100 blank index cards with you to be prepared for class work; a total of about 800, 3 X 5 Index cards (for Medical Terminology) will be needed over the year.

Also Required:
One jump, flash, or thumb drive (required)
Two  1”  3-ring binders (for Employability Portfolio and Medical Terminology)
10 ‘Duo-Tang’ style paper folders with pockets; to accept 3-hole-punched paper; any colors
Four white poster boards (22” x 28”, keep at home until needed)
One Trifold board for every two students (36” x 48”, DON’T BUY UNTIL NEEDED)

Must have daily access to home, school and/or library computer with Microsoft Office Word, Power Point, and Excel software.  Must have computer paper and printer ink at home, at Kinko’s, at home school, or at a library for frequent projects.  Check often to make sure you don’t run out of paper and ink at home while involved in a project (no excuses for late work accepted).  Plan ahead and don’t wait until the day before a project is due to print.

Professional clothing for HOSA Conferences, field trips, community service projects, etc: Black slacks, white shirt (button-down, oxford style shirt preferred),  solid colored tie for males is recommended, closed-toe black dress shoes required for males and females.  Although a black blazer is preferred for all of these activities, it is not required until the HOSA International Leadership Conference in June.  Male and female students who qualify to attend the HOSA International Leadership Conference for a week in June are required to also wear a black blazer.  No dresses or skirts allowed.  White shirts can be checked out from the teacher at no charge ($25 fee if not returned cleaned, pressed, and folded in the original plastic package).

Student planner/organizer to be used daily in class and at home (ESSENTIAL FOR SUCCESS).

Other supplies may be needed as the year progresses and you will be informed as those needs arise.

Print, sign, and bring this list with you the first day of class with box of tissue and three glue sticks.

We understand and will abide by the supply list requirements:

________________________________            ______________________________     _______

Parent Signature                                                     Student Signature                                       Date


Print Student NameMedical Sciences I includes health care content, health care concepts and trends, technology based projects, optional CPR and First Aid certification, leadership, teamwork, community service, employability skills, HOSA membership and activities.

Medical Sciences I is designed to help students pursue careers in health care. Students will earn 2.0 credits upon completion of the course. Emphasis is placed on the National Health Care Standards, exploring health career options, HOSA, leadership, anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, CPR certification, and workplace readiness skills while integrating science and English literacy.


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