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Video Production

Credits: 2.0

This course is an introduction to television, video, and film production. Students are actively involved in creating dynamic video projects using a variety of industry standard software and equipment. To be successful in the course, students are challenged to participate daily in both individual and group projects while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Students learn how to create video and films, and also how to analyze and incorporate all types of techniques into a variety of projects. Students leave with an understanding of how and why media messages are constructed and for what purposes. The following are the expected outcomes:

  • Key concepts, principles, and techniques of audio, video, and film production
  • Use of equipment, tools, and techniques associated with video production
  • Demonstrate and apply the planning process effectively
  • Project implementation for television, video, and film
  • Investigate career opportunities
  • Cultivate necessary workplace skills

Career Opportunities For This Program

Video Editor, Production Designer, Video Director, Television Production Manager

Online Classrooms For This Program

Mr.  McNurney's Video Production Classroom