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Teacher Cadet

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Credits: 2.0

Teacher Cadet is a college prep program designed for students who have an interest in the field of education and a career objective that includes obtaining a college degree in education or a related field. College credit may be available to students successfully completing the course. The course introduces high school juniors and seniors to the teaching profession. Students will explore how people learn, how schools operate, and what it’s like to be a teacher. Teacher Cadets learn through hands-on activities, guest speakers, field trips, classroom observations, research, and job shadowing. Second semester includes student teaching experience. Excellent attendance is critical for success in this course.

Classroom Learning and Field Experience

First semester, the Cadets are in the classroom and school community learning about the teaching profession. Second semester, the Cadets participate in an extended field experience (similar to student teaching). The Cadets work in an elementary or middle-school classroom, according to their expressed interests. The field experience provides an opportunity to observe as well as step into the role of the teacher by assisting the teacher with classroom duties, working with students, and teaching lessons. Cadets develop a professional portfolio that gives them a head-start on college.

All students participate in Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA). FCCLA is a national student organization that helps young men and women become leaders and addresses important issues of society today. Students will have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through class and community projects, participate in competitions, and attend conferences.

Career Opportunities For This Program

Child Care Teacher/Director, School Administrator, Special Education Teacher, Private Industry Trainer

Counselor, Social Worker/Psychologist, Child Advocate

Elementary/Secondary Teacher, Librarian, Speech/Language Pathologist

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