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Computer Aided Design

Credits: 2.0

The CAD program covers the following topics first semester:

  1. Beginning Modeling
  2. Model Assembly
  3. Advanced Modeling
  4. Introduction to Drawings
  5. Workplace Skills – Working in an Engineering Environment
  6. Standard Drafting Conventions
  7. Manufacturing Processes (Machining, Molding, Laser Cutting, Welding etc.)
  8. Mechanical Concepts

The CAD program covers the following topics second semester:

  1. Advanced SolidWorks Modeling Concepts
  2. Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  3. Motion Simulation Analysis
  4. Advanced Drawing Techniques
  5. Independent Projects
  6. Customization
  7. Photo Realistic Rendering
  8. Advanced Mechanical Concepts
  9. CSWA – Certified SolidWorks Associate (optional)

Students gain a proper knowledge of other engineering disciplines, including mechanical and architectural. Students are employable upon successful completion of CAD. We will be exploring pre-engineering and pre-architectural topics this year.

Notes: Potential students may be required to attend an Orientation in the spring as historically interest is over double the number of seats available.

Online Classrooms For This Program

Mr. Koerlin's CAD Class