BTEC Celebrates Alumni Success !!

Congratulations Robert !

For my senior year of high school I attended Diesel Automotive 1 at BTEC. I went into the class knowing the basics of how to maintain a vehicle but what I didn’t know was how to diagnose and fix an issue quickly. I was always told that if the check engine light came on, just take it to the shop and they will take care of it. In Diesel, I worked on everything; I went from changing the oil in a KIA all the way up to reading wiring diagrams and changing injectors in a 6.0 Powerstroke. Diesel taught me to not just read the instructions, (for some reason it is really hard to find wiring diagrams for old dump trucks), but to problem solve when things didn’t work out the way they were planned to. Working on cars has always been a hobby of mine not a career.  While I did not go into the automotive industry the skills I picked up in BTEC still applied in my pursuit of a 4 year college degree. For me the ability to solve problems effectively was easily the most important skill I took away from that class because it transfers over into the rest of my classes. Because of the skills I have taken away from Diesel Automotive, I have been able to hold straight A’s in all of my college courses up here at the University of Wyoming. High school teaches you to the test and how to get good grades by making the teacher happy, the classes are large and you are pressured to get every answer correct because the school needs good test scores. Bollman supports learning as you go and thinking for yourself. While I had three different teachers in my time there it didn’t matter because the people I met through Bollman supported me every step of the way, there was never a moment where I doubted myself and my abilities even when I came across a new challenge because of the support and friends I had made there. The skills I have picked up through Bollman have been invaluable in my college life and have made advanced classes that little bit easier. I’m glad I was able to take advantage of the skills I was given there that I would not have learned elsewhere.

Robert MacArthur