BTEC Celebrates Alumni Success !!

The Ben Anderson Story

Benjamin Anderson here.  I was a student at BTEC from 2011-2013.  Wow that feels like a long time ago.  I currently am a senior at the University of Kansas finishing up my LAST semester of classes as an undergraduate.  I am getting a BS in Exercise Science in May 2017.  I have just finished submitting applications to Physician Assistant schools across the country.  I applied to CU Denver, University of South Dakota, Penn State, A.T. Still in Mesa, AZ, Rutgers in NJ, and last but not least Wichita State here in KS.  I should find out if I was accepted into any of these schools in the upcoming months.  I also obtained a certification in phlebotomy last summer and have now had two phlebotomy jobs.  One was doing mobile phlebotomy in the greater Kansas City Metro area,  driving around to various nursing homes and collecting lab samples.  My current job is at Lawrence Memorial Hospital-which is ranked in the Top 100 Truven Health Analytics top hospitals in the country.
 I will be an intern at St. Jude's Research Hospital in Memphis, TN next semester working in their Oncology-Exercise Performance Laboratory.  I will help assess cancer survivors on their exercise performance and how the human body  functions five years post cancer treatment.  I get to help extrapolate research data on these patients-so I may become published!  
I just wanted to thank BTEC for everything you guys offered.  There is no way I would ever be where I am at today without the Medical Science program.  The knowledge that I gained from the program has leap frogged me into the position that I am in today.  It made so many of my science classes here at KU easier because I had a general sense of what the professors where talking about.  It is truly amazing to me how much it has helped.  I would have never thought that being in high school, sitting through those classes would have helped me as much as it has.  
Please do share my message on with the current students at BTEC that are in the Medical Sciences program.  I feel truly honored to say that I attended BTEC.