BTEC Celebrates Alumni Success !!

Laura Gehm's Story

Hey guys! My name is Laura Gehm, and I was a student at BTEC from 2013-2015. I started out in Medical Sciences I and was determined to be a heart surgeon, just like Christina Yang, little did I know that I hate standing in one spot for more than about an hour. I ended up going into Medical Sciences II, and I had no idea what either a CNA or an EMT was, but after doing a little research I decided that being able to play with blood and guts might be fun. For me, the EMT class was hard, I struggled through quite a bit of it. I am much more of a hands on learner than just reading a giant, scary text book everyday. And when we got to the skills portion, everything began to make to make so much more sense for me, and I feel in love with the idea of being an EMT. At the end of my senior year, I was informed that I wouldn't be able to take the National Registry in May with the rest of my class  because I wasn't going to be 18 until mid-June. At that point, I decide to go through the Denver Health program over the summer in order to keep all my knowledge fresh for when I could test in August. Once August did come around, I was able to test and passed it with flying colors. I then worked on a wheelchair transport for about 6 months. Today, I work for Stadium Medical in the Denver Metro Area. My company and I run all kinds of calls: interfacility transports, 911 overflow calls and most importantly of all, we work tons of events all around the state. I just recently worked the Phish concert at DSGP and Jason Aldean up at Fiddlers Green!  I absolutely love my job  and I would be nowhere without BTEC. I can not say enough good things about BTEC. I learned so much more than just how to be an EMT. I learned how to deal with frustration and failures, how to study, how to be a good person, and most importantly I learned that without dedication, we will only go so far. I had no idea I even wanted to be an EMT, and now I am finishing up pre-requisites for paramedic school and then after paramedic school I hope to become a flight medic. I could go on and on about how incredible BTEC is, but I will stop and just say that you are already setting yourself up for success, and no matter how hard it seems right now, you can all do it, even all us underdogs can be successful. If I can do it, anybody can if they really want it.