Additional Educational Opportunities

Job Board

Summer Youth Program

HIRE Education

Potential Credit Earned: .5 credit per semester, up to 2.0 credits total

Interested students who are enrolled in or who have completed an approved Career and Technical Education program may choose to participate in HIRE Education. The HIRE Education Coordinator is available to sign students up after BTEC courses have begun each semester.  Please contact Merae Hoffman, HIRE Education Coordinator, at 720-972-3824, for additional information.

  • Students must complete the Training Agreement to enroll. 
  • Students must work a minimum of 125 documented hours to earn .5 credit and 250 documented hours for 1 credit.  A student may not earn more than .5 credit of HIRE Education per semester.
  • A student may not count more than 2 HIRE Education credits towards graduation requirements.
  • HIRE Education credit may not be included in, nor does it count toward the 6 total credits students are required to be enrolled in each year.

Service Learning

Potential Credit Earned: .5 credit per semester

Service Learning allows BTEC students to earn .5 credit for 60 hours per semester of documented and approved volunteer service.  Progress of the volunteer service is monitored by one of our counselors, who works with the student and the volunteer site to help ensure a positive volunteer experience.  Registration is open for BTEC students any time during the school year through the Counseling and Career Center.  

Colorado CareerReady Certificate

Potential Credit Earned: .5 credit

BTEC students are provided the opportunity to complete the training and testing for the CareerReady Colorado Certificate, developed by ACT Work Keys.  Students who complete the training and test at the Silver level or higher overall will receive .5 elective credit.  This certificate verifies workplace competencies in three areas: Reading for Information, Applied Mathematics, and Locating Information.  Training and testing is completed through the HIRE Education Coordinator.  A fee may apply. Please contact Merae Hoffman, HIRE Education Coordinator, at (720-) 972-3824 for additional information.